**NEW** OS2 Overview
In the past when you ordered Online LIFO® Surveys and BCon reports, BCon used the "honor system". You would obtain login information for your clients and then you would inform us of your order. BCon is no longer using the honor system. We are required to manage the orders for online surveys and reports (Result reports and Summary reports are available without authorization) and authorize your account to create survey login codes.

In order to meet BCon's requirements --- and to make it easy for you to place and order we have created an order form for ordering surveys and other materials. We will make it a priority and make every effort to authorize OS2 orders the same day they are received, at times circumstances may prevent same day processing, please allow for this in your scheduling.

The New OS2 system offers two options to access the LIFO® Online survey.

Managed Participant Mode (MPM): If you do not require security of data, you use the MPM mode.

  • MPM requires you to enter participant names, e-mail addresses online or upload
  • You have the option of personalizing the letter OS2 sends with "need by date", etc.
  • The OS2 system will automatically send information to your clients.

Codes-Only Mode (COM): COM is designed to meet the strictest privacy requirements. COM generates survey codes only, thereby restricting access of personal or private data to the client only.

  • You obtain code for your client(s) and assign code for each individual.
  • You send your client an e-mail with code and directions for accessing the survey.
  • The results are saved with only the code. No name is attached. When you and your client receive results it will show only the code you assigned.

In addition the new OS2 system:

  • Allows you to choose the language desired for completing the LIFO® Survey.
  • Will allow you to start a survey --- stop, and return if necessary.
  • Has additional surveys online and more translations to come!
  • Provides the option of OS2 system to automatically send login information, reminders, et, when using the MPM.
Order form for Surveys,Materials and Reports
It is important that you use the correct link to ensure proper and timely processing of your order.

OS2 - Licensee Login Link
This site is used by you, the licensee, to administer the surveys to your clients and access the results from the surveys.
Creating Client Codes for Access to Surveys
To create Participant / Client codes you must start by adding a group, follow the steps in these instructions to get started.
Modifying the MPM E-mail Message
Checking Survey Completion Status
LIFO® Survey Results - LIFO® Survey Summary Report and Bcon LIFO® Reports
These reports provide a working tool for the development and management of strengths as well as for selection/assessment. These reports are written using a data-base of 27 profiles. Please use the link below for descriptions of each Bcon report offering as well as information regarding ordering and generation.

Barnum LIFO® Strength Management Reports
Barnum Strength Management Reports are written using a data-base of over 200 profiles providing a very discreet report, tailored to personal survey results.
  • General Summary includes complete narrative including your expectations of others, dealing with change, how subordinates may see you, expectations of others, preferred communication with a boss, how others can communicate more effectively with you, in addition to many additional areas. Includes in depth narrative of Least Preferred Style, potential blind spot and potential excess if applicable, behaviors in stress and conflict. Barnum Strength Management Reports provide extensive suggestions for Increased Effectiveness in all areas. Barnum reports provide an in depth and excellent tool to be used as a basis for coaching.

These reports have to be assembled manually do to the complexity of the report, therefor require ordering in advance. We can generally provide a very quick turn-around on these reports, please contact us for approximate lead times.

Retrieving/Downloading Survey Results in Spreadsheet format
Sample Letters for use when sending surveys using COM
Modify these sample letters as needed when sending clients survey access codes using COM.
Client Link to the online survey access when using COM
This site is used by your clients to access and complete the LIFO® survey when using COM, this link is also included in the sample letters above.
Links to the Old system - Do not use for creating new ID's and PW's
Product Pricing
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